Convert your Raspberry Pi Pico to a Uno form-factor and add a reset button! Thanks to FlexyPins, there's no need to solder down your Pico.

Raspberry Pi Pico to Uno FlexyPin Adapter

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This board gives the Raspberry Pi Pico a Uno form-factor. Makes it possible to use Uno shields with the Pico without having to solder the Pico in place. All you need are FlexyPins!

The Adapter features a 3-in-1 combo footprint: you can use FlexyPins to attach and remove the Pico as you wish, you can use pin headers to plug in the Pico as usual, or you can solder the Pico directly to the Adapter.

The pins assignments were planned specifically to allow using the 3.5" 480x320 8-bit parallel LCD shield, which can be driven using the RPi's PIO with the bbspilcd library.

The adapter also features a reset button.

The IO pins are not 5V-tolerant.

Compatible with RPi Pico and RPi Pico W.

A soldering guide is available here:

What you get

  • Raspberry Pi Pico to Uno FlexyPin Adapter PCB
  • A set of socket headers: 1x 6 pin header, 2x 8 pin headers, 1x 10 pin header (all not soldered)
  • A reset button (requires soldering)
  • (optionally) A Pack of 100 FlexyPins

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (

Design Files (

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