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Benedikt • Mar 24, 2023

Product: BB Q20 Keyboard with trackpad, USB/I2C/PMOD

Meets my requirements

The BBQ20 arrived within three days and works fine via USB.
The other connections I did not test so far.
The track pad works also as expected.
So, altogether I am excited.

s-ol • Sep 22, 2022

Product: RP2040 Stamp

Great board, great service :)

I bought these for a keyboard project where I wanted a 32-bit MCU (that's in stock) in a tight footprint and with an USB-C connector that I can place myself - so the pico was out.
In my opinion this is a great form-factor and the Module/Carrier approach makes for a very useful module that can be used for prototyping but is also a great fit for "real products" where you wouldn't want space wasted on header pins, unused USB connectors and so on.
Unfortunately the first (untracked letter) shipment got lost, but I would blame that on my local post, given their track record. Arturo was very responsive and helped to figure out a solution immediately. I'll definitely continue using this module in my project and keep my eyes out for other Solder Party products in the future :)