Terms and conditions

Lectronz.com is a marketplace for electronic enthusiasts with a focus on the open-hardware community and DIY electronics.

Lectronz.com (hereafter Lectronz) is a service offered by OMZLO IKE, a company incorporated in the EU (Greece).

As an open marketplace, we do not stock any products we display. As such, while we try our best to showcase interesting products for the community, we make no guarantee, either express or implied, regarding the products sold through the Lectronz platform.

The following terms and conditions may be revised at any time. Changes will be announced 2 weeks before they take effect.

Cost of the service

Listing a product on Lectronz is free. We collect a 5% commission on all orders.

Our commission is calculated based on the product's price excluding taxes, plus the shipping cost.

In addition to our commission, our payment provider, Stripe, collects a payment fee calculated on the total price of an order, including taxes. The fees depend on the country where your business is established. For European businesses, fees start at 1.5% + €0.25 for European cards and reach 3.25% + €0.25 for non-European cards. For US businesses, fees start at 2.9% + $0.30 and increase to 4.4% + $0.30 for international cards. Please consult https://stripe.com/ for your country-specific pricing policy.

Therefore, the total amount paid out to the seller is the total price of the order, minus our commission and the payment fees.

Sellers receive an invoice that details the commission we collect for every order.


Sellers can be businesses or individuals.

By default, sellers are paid out daily. However, our payment provider may delay the first payout by 7 days or more for security reasons. Sellers can also change this frequency by connecting to their Stripe account.

Sellers must fulfill the following requirement to sell their products on Lectronz:

  • Sellers will need to enroll with our payment provider, Stripe, to receive payouts.
  • Sellers must ensure that their Stripe account has sufficient funds to cover refund requests from customers in a timely manner, when necessary.
  • Sellers must not use contact details and other buyers' personal information for purposes other than the delivery of the product and product support.
  • Sellers must own the products they sell. Dropshipping is not permitted.
  • Sellers must ship products in a timely manner.
  • Sellers must respond to customer requests in a timely manner, ideally within 2 business days.
  • Sellers must act in good faith when addressing customer complaints.
  • Sellers must accept all terms and conditions outlined in this document, including our refund policy.

Lectronz enables sellers to define applicable tax/VAT based on the location of the buyer, as established by the shipping address provided by the buyer. This tax/VAT will be added to the final price paid by the buyer during checkout.

In the specific case where the buyer is established in the EU and the seller is established outside of the EU or ships the products from outside the EU, and where the total value of the ordered merchandise is less than 150 EUR, VAT will be collected by Lectronz on behalf of the seller. In that case, lectronz (Omzlo IKE) is considered as an "electronic interface" acting as the "deemed supplier" for tax purposes, as defined by European tax regulations. Sellers can choose to opt-out of the "deemed supplier" mechanism. When VAT is collected by lectronz on behalf of the seller, the seller will be provided with the IOSS number of Omzlo IKE (Lectronz) for the purpose of facilitating imports of ordered products in the EU. Sellers are required to keep this IOSS number confidential, sharing it only with the shipping service used for shipping ordered products to customers.

In all other cases, any tax/VAT must be paid by the seller or buyer, depending on the applicable regulations.

In case of failure to follow the terms and conditions Lectronz reserves the right to take action to protect the platform and its users, including, but not limited to:

  • Refunding buyers,
  • De-listing a product,
  • Suspending or closing a store,
  • Suspending, closing, or blocking a user account.

Product approval

Before a product can be listed on Lectronz, our team must approve it.

To be listed, a product must comply with the following rules:

  • The product must have at least one picture and a description.
  • The product description must be accurate.
  • The description or pictures of the product must not contain any of the following:
    • links or references to other online stores or marketplaces.
    • manifest infringement of a trademark or intellectual property.

Lectronz reserves the right to reject products deemed inappropriate for this marketplace, notably if their description contains derogatory, harmful, or general content that is unrelated to electronics.

If Lectronz identifies an issue with a product, it will notify the seller to fix the problem.

Lectronz reserves the right to de-list or remove products that violate these rules at any time, even after they have been initially approved.


Orders that are not fulfilled within 14 days are automatically refunded. This 14-day period starts from the date of the purchase except for:

  • stores that are in vacation mode where the 14-day period starts at a predefined date indicated on the product page.
  • orders that result from a pre-order campaign where the 14-day period starts after the predefined campaign-specific lead time.

Buyers have a right to request a refund for the following reasons:

  • If the product they receive does not correspond to the product they ordered,
  • If the product is damaged or lost during shipping,
  • If the product is not received within a reasonable amount of time, considering the selected shipping method, the time of the year, and the typical shipping time expected for the seller and buyer's locations.

Additionally, in compliance with European consumer protection regulations, buyers may return an order and request a refund for up to 14 days after receiving a product without the need to provide a reason or justification. Sellers cannot refuse such a request but may condition the refund of the order to the production of proof that the order was shipped back to the seller.

Buyers should always request a refund using the dedicated refund request tool provided on Lectronz. The data collected by this tool is used as a reference by Lectronz in case of a dispute. The seller will then be notified of the request and is required to respond within 7 days. The seller can then issue a refund through the Lectronz order management interface. Where applicable, the seller may respond by proposing an alternative to a refund, such as re-shipping the order.

If the seller and the buyer cannot agree on a refund request, the buyer should contact support@lectronz.com. We will review the request, and if necessary, we will trigger a refund on behalf of the seller.

In the case of a refund, sellers will recover the total amount of the order minus the payment fees. Payment fees are not recoverable in case of a refund. We will refund our commission to the seller, however.

In order to provide a good experience to customers, sellers must ensure that their Stripe balance has sufficient funds to cover all refund requests without undue delay. Sellers who delay refunds for more than a week may have their store temporarily suspended, with store-front banner explaining the reason for the temporary suspension.


Buyers can buy products from multiple sellers on Lectronz. However, buyers will need to checkout for each seller separately.

The total amount of an order paid by a buyer includes:

  • The price of the products, including options where applicable.
  • The cost of shipping,
  • Applicable taxes or VAT, based on the location defined in the shipping address.

Some products may not be available in the location of the buyer.

Unless specified otherwise by the seller, buyers are responsible for paying applicable customs and taxes when importing a product.

For convenience, Lectronz allows buyers to display prices in several currencies. However, all purchases made on Lectronz are ultimately charged in Euros (EUR). When required, Lectronz converts prices to or from other currencies using the daily rate of the European Central Bank. The buyer accepts that this rate may be slightly different from the one used by our payment provider Stripe or other financial institutions.

Buyers have the right to request a refund as defined in our refund policy.

In case of an issue with an order, buyers should first discuss with the seller sending a message through the messaging tool provided within the Lectronz platform. If a solution is not found, the buyer should contact support@lectronz.com. We will review the request and take appropriate measures if necessary.

Pre-order campaigns

Sellers may create pre-order campaigns on Lectronz. This feature is currently in a testing phase and is only offered to sellers on a case-by-case basis.

A pre-order campaign has a predefined start and end date, defining the campaign's duration. A pre-order campaign enables a seller to collect conditional pre-orders for a specific product during the campaign's duration without actually charging the customer for that product until the following two conditions are met:

  1. The total number of units pre-ordered during the campaign is greater or equal to a pre-defined minimum,
  2. The campaign has reached its end date without being canceled,

At the end of the campaign, if the above 2 conditions are met, the campaign is considered as successful. If the campaign is successful, the bank cards associated with each pre-order will be charged, and Lectronz will convert the pre-orders into orders. This process happens in the next few business days after the campaign ends. Lectronz cannot guarantee that all bank cards will successfully be charged due to unforeseeable events such as canceled cards or bank accounts with insufficient funds, for example.

If the campaign is not successful, Lectronz cancels all campaign pre-orders. The related payment options collected by our payment provider will be disabled.

A campaign also has a pre-defined lead time, which describes the amount of time that should elapse between the moment the campaign ends and the resulting orders are fulfilled.

Pre-order campaigns are not designed for crowdfunding purposes. Pre-order campaigns are designed for products that have been fully developed and tested, enabling the seller to align demand with production. Except for the terms and conditions specific to pre-order campaigns, all other terms that apply to orders on Lectronz also apply to orders resulting from pre-order campaigns, including our refund policy. On Lectronz, products cannot be available for both orders and pre-orders. Similarly to products, pre-order campaigns are subject to approval by Lectronz.

In the current testing phase, we collect a 5% commission on all orders resulting from pre-orders. This may be subject to change in the future as the testing phase ends.

Protection of personal data

The personal data of buyers and sellers are processed according to our privacy policy.