Lectronz.com is a marketplace for electronic enthusiasts with a focus on the open-hardware and DIY electronics community.

Lectronz.com is a service offered by OMZLO IKE, a company incorporated in the EU (Greece).

The short story

We started building Lectronz in June 2021 as we were facing supply chain issues for our products on Omzlo. Instead of endlessly waiting for STM32s to reach distributors, we decided to embark on a new project: creating a marketplace for the open-hardware community, which would provide some features that we really needed ourselves, such as automated VAT/tax calculation or a fulfillment API.

We wrote every single line of code that makes this platform come alive because we wanted to fully control how it works and how it evolves in the future. By listening to the community's feedback, we want to build the best online marketplace for open-hardware and DIY electronics.

We have some exciting ideas coming up, so stay tuned.

Got a question? A concern? You can always reach us is via email:

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