Two in one PCB ruler with KiCad footprint references, and a PCB holder for solder paste stenciling

PCB Holder / Ruler

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This is a collection of two-in-one rulers with KiCad footprint references and pcb holders for solder paste stenciling.

The rulers are in centimeters on one side, and inches on the other side. The footprints are the same on both sides.

The cutouts in the inner corners allow you to easily remove a square PCB after applying paste.

All rulers/holders are ENIG-plated.


The rulers/holders come in two sizes and each size comes in 1.2mm and 1.6mm thickness options.

The smaller size is 5x5cm, with 2.5cm inner cutout. You can use four of these to encapsule a 5x5cm PCB.

The larger size is 7.5x7.5cm, with 5cm inner cutout. You can use four of these to encapsule a 10x10cm PCB.

The green rulers/holders are 1.6mm thick, the purple ones are 1.2mm thick.


Each of the four size/thickness combos has different footprints:

  • small 1.6mm: different sizes of SOT packages
  • large 1.6mm: crystals/oscillators, solder jumpers, and test points
  • small 1.2mm: different sizes of diodes, including SOD, SMX, and PowerDI
  • large 1.2mm: passives (capacitors, resistors, inductors), NeoPixels, and connector pitches

You can tweet at us at @solderparty with suggestions for other footprints to add if we want to expand the collection.


We offer multiple pairings of sizes and thicknesses as variants, but you can also make a custom order by adding different variants to your cart separately.

Rulers taped to a desk with PCB and stencil

Links to code and documentation

Design Files (

Certified Open Source Hardware - OSHW SE000017

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