A BB Q20 Keyboard with trackpad in a portable format. Easily add a QWERTY keyboard to your project!

BB Q20 Keyboard with trackpad, USB/I2C/PMOD

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Note: The current batch of keyboards does not have the orange lettering, just plain Latin characters.

A BB Q20 Keyboard in USB/PMOD/Qwiic format with a injection molded clear plastic case.

This is the evolution of our previous BBQ10 PMOD board. We took all the feedback from that board and improved on the design in every way.

We added a Qwiic/Stemma QT connector, we added USB HID support, we changed to a Q20 keyboard, which gave us four extra buttons, and the optical trackpad that works as a USB HID Mouse. And we decided to put the whole thing into a custom-designed injection molded clear plastic case for better usability and durability, as well as that retro 90s look.


The board uses the Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU to poll the keyboard and trackpad and put the key press information into a FIFO.

You can use the I2C interface to read the FIFO, reconfigure the chip, and change the keyboar backlight.

In addition to that, the board also has a USB Type-C socket, and when connected to a desktop computer (Windows/Linux/MacOS), a smartphone (Android), or a SBC (Raspberry Pi, etc), it enumerates as a USB HID Keyboard and Mouse combo!

The firmware can be configured over USB using the Vendor Class interface.

The I2C interface is compatible with the old BBQ10 module, you can use the same libraries to interface this board:

Note: The GPIO pins are not 5V-tolerant!

What you get

  • The BBQ20KBD board+keyboard assembled with an injection molded clear plastic case
  • Reference leaflet

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (bbq20kbd.solder.party)

Code (github.com)

Design Files (github.com)

Schematics (github.com)

Certified Open Source Hardware - OSHW SE000019

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