A display that shows the current data on an 8-bit bus

8-bit Bus Display

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Busdisplay is a small PCB that allows you to monitor the current data on an 8-bit bus. The data is shown on a 7-segment display. Both decimal mode (0-255) and hexadecimal mode (0x00-0xFF) are supported and could be set by a jumper.

This kit is useful for debugging your project, for example, showing current data on your retro computer bus. However, this is not a replacement for a logic analyzer and does not have that high bandwidth. You should verify that this board is suitable for your needs first!

There are two revisions of the board: Revision 1 and 3 (2 does exist on GitHub but was never produced). Both versions work exactly the same, but revision 3 contains numerous improvements, such as a functional ICSP header, a PIC microcontroller with built-in oscillator, and overall better solderability. Revision 1 board will by discountinued once the stock runs out.

Disclaimer: This product is partially sponsored by PCBWay. Some of the kits will have PCB that was fabricated by PCBWay. There will be no quality difference between all the kits.

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