3pcs Joule Thief Night Light toroid-less design

3x Tiny Thief toroid-less joule thief night light

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What is it?

This is a toroid-less Joule Thief which operates from a single AA battery and drains it down to around 0.8V. It will turn on when there is no light and will work for several days on a new battery (depending on setting and battery)

Why did you make it?

This is one of those things you build just for fun! This is the new version which is as small as it can be to fit practically anywhere!

What makes it special?

Tiny Thief makes a great night light, is small and can fit in many "cases" and can "recycle" otherwhise "used" batteries. Tiny Thief is only 14x16mm and is made to fit on the side of a standard AA battery holder!

YOU WILL RECEIVE THREE (-3-) Tiny Thief boards without battery holders 3x high brightness LED & 3x Photoresistors. You need to supply your own battery holder and solder in place together with the photoresistor. You can optionally solder the supplied high brightness LED if you so desire.

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