Sizable7 - super large addressable RGB 7-Segment display module with high-end finish


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Super large addressable RGB 7-Segment display modules

Sizable7 is a super large (185mm x 135mm / 7.3" x 5.3") addressable RGB 7-Segment display module with high-end finish. The display can be driven using an MCU like the ESP32 and plain Arduino code.

Use cases include large clocks, scoreboards, timing displays, price boards, counters etc.

Besides the display of numbers in all colours of the rainbow, stunning effects and animations are possible. There's an open source example (schematic + code) available for a large 50cm/20" clock that can be built using ordinary off-the-shelf components and plain Arduino code with standard libraries. This example project includes several animations like "fire" and "pacifica". Besides the display of time, sunrise/sunset, temperature/humidity info it also has an on-board microphone and is sound reactive. This is used for clap detection and a sound/music analyser to visualise the beats of music.

The modules have a high-end finish and can be used without the need for an extra enclosure. They can be fastened using M3 screws. The modules can be connected and chained together using standard JST-XH connectors.

Example code and connection information available on the Sizable7 product page (see documentation link below).

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