RFM95 or SX1276 LoRa™ Module breadboard friendly for LoRa™ and LoRaWAN™

RFM95 or SX1276 LoRa™ Module PCB Breakout Board

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What is it? RFM95 or SX1276 LoRa™ Module breadboard friendly.

1xPCB Size 26mmx27mm

1xSMA Female Jack Solder Edge 1.6mm

1xMale Pin header 7 pins

1xMale Pin header 8 pins

This product does not include the RFM95 Module, wires and breadboard. They are shown on the board for illustrative purposes.

Why did you make it? RFM95 or SX1276 module pin spacing is not compatible with a breadboard. Use this PCB to make pin spacing 2.54mm. Then, it will fit on any breadboards.

What makes it special? We have already connected all ground pins on PCB. You can connect your own antenna you like.

How to calculate a wire as an antenna. Using 30AWG wire. (Conductor Diameter = 0.254 mm)

Antenna Length (cm) = 29979.2458/ (Freq(Mhz)*4)


915.0 Mhz Length =29979.2458/(9154) = 8.19 cm 868.0 Mhz Length =29979.2458/(8684) = 8.63 cm 923.2 Mhz Length =29979.2458/(923.2*4) = 8.12 cm

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