RF LED Controller for WS2811, WS2812

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Power management

What is it?

This is a simple but useful RF remote controller for RGB LED module using WS2811/WS2812 controller chip

Why did you make it?

We don't make it, but use to drive or test our modular 3 channel PWM LED panel

What makes it special?

  • can be powered up to 24volts DC
  • use RF not IR
  • can control each channel one by one to check or control light
  • many embedded effects


  • This main controller module
  • 1 remote controller


Please note that this item is provided WITHOUT batteries (due to shipping regulation) you will have to install a CR2025 by yourself.

You can drive any LED module with WS2811/ws2812 or our modular 3 channel pwm power controlled LED available in our Shop.

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