Build a simple LoRaWAN node using an Arduino Pro Mini and RFM95 module

ProMini LoRaWAN Node

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Include an Arduino board with the PCB
Include a LoRaWAN module with the PCB
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ProMini LoRaWAN Node v0.2 allows you to build a simple LoRaWAN node using an Arudino Pro Mini (3.3V, 8Mhz) and a RFM95 LoRaWAN module. The board can be outfitted with a Grove connector for all kinds of ready made sensors, or you can use any Arduino pin not required for the RFM95W module to connect other accessories. For the LoRaWAN connection, you can solder an antenna directly to the board or use the provided pads to put in a u.FL or SMA connector to hook up a bigger antenna.

The original ProMini LoRaWAN Node (v0.1) was designed by Doug Larue, and provided the interface between the Arduino Pro Mini and some addition connection points for sensors etc. We've improved the board by adding a place for a grove connector, u.FL connector as well as circuitry to measure the input voltage of the board with the Arduino.

Necessary parts

  • Arduino Pro Mini, 3.3V, 8Mhz
  • RFM95 module
    • Make sure to get the right one, matching your local LoRaWAN frequency band


  • u.FL connector
  • SMA connector (edge mount)
  • Grove connector

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