NeoMatrix Like 8x8 WS2812 Matrix

M-Matrix 8x8

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The M-Matrix is easy to integrate into any project due to its compatibiliy with the well known libraries NeoPixel and NeoMatrix from Adafruit.

You can also chain up to 16 M-Matrix to create whatever you like, your imagination is your own limit.

Schematics, dimensions drawing and BOM are available but on demand. I'm working on my website, on which all the files should be available but it is not completely ready for now. Thank you for your understanding.

Caution :

The matrix has been design to be operated indoor. If you want use it outdoor we recommend you to coat it with a special coating for PCB. No water damaged PCB would be refund.

Technical Details :
  • Dimensions : 40x40x11.82mm
  • Max Supply Voltage : 5VDC
  • Min Supply Voltage : 3.3V should be fine but 3.7V is recommended
  • Min Current at 100% Brightness (5VDC) : 2.304A

! Please provide enough current to the matrix depending on your brightness setting !

A brightness settings with a value too high could cause a reset of your microcontroller.

Package Content :
  • 1x Matrix
  • 4x 4-Pins Male Headers (2.54mm Pitch) to solder

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