Modular automation controller for 2 Colibri expansion slots, and LoraWAN communications.

Colibri 3

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Order with or without PCB mounted in black enclosure with transparent lid.
An optional MCU may be included
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The Colibri 3 is a base board with one MCU slot and 2 expansion slots for the Colibri system and is powered with AC or DC, 7-30 Volt.

Each slot is powered with +3.3V, 5V and 12V, of which power on/off can be controlled for 3.3 and 5 V rails individually for each expansion slot. The MCU communicates with the expansion slots with I2C or SPI. The I2C has a multiplexor to avoid address collissions, SPI is controlled via a ChipSelect decoder. Each expansion slot has a 4 pole screw terminal for connection to the external world, and has incoming G/G0 (the AC or DC power input) on its M.2 connector.

For expansion cards that require AC voltage, such as Colibri Triac1, the board MUST be powered with AC voltage.

Optional; black enclosure with holes for cabling and transparent lid.

Dimension; 144x72x25mm (PCB) or 200x90x47mm (enclosure)

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Product HS Code: 90328900

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