A tiny, programmable, single key (rotary encoder) open source mechanical keyboard with Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller

ANAVI Knob 1

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What is it?

ANAVI Knob 1 is a tiny, programmable, 1-key open source mechanical keyboard. It is powered by the mighty Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller at the heart of the Seeed XIAO RP2040, which provides support for USB Type-C and connector.

ANAVI Knob 1 supports the open source firmware QMK and KMK. Out of the box it comes with KMK, an advanced but easy-to-use firmware written in CircuitPython.

Why did you make it?

ANAVI Knob 1 can be customized to fit various use cases: video or audio editing, entertainment broadcasting, gaming, programming, etc.

You can easily boost your productivity using ANAVI Knob 1 keyboard. It is super easy to use - just connect the device to your Windows, MacOS, or GNU/Linux computer with a USB Type-C cable and you’re ready to go.


  • Inputs: Rotary encoders with clickable switch
  • Peripherals: RGB LED, I²C slot
  • MCU: Raspberry Pi RP2040
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Firmware: KMK firmware
  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, and Linux support
  • Dimensions: 35.0 x 49.0 mm (1.38 x 1.93 inches)

ANAVI Knob 1 is a tiny input device with a single rotary encoder with a clickable switch and a RGB LED. You can turn it left, you can turn it right, and you can click it. It is fully programmable and there is an I²C slot you can use to add peripherals.

What comes in a kit?

  • Mini mechanical keyboard with a clickable rotary encoder, USB-C, RP2040 microcontroller and I2C slot
  • Acrylic enclosure
  • Screws and nuts

Note: USB to USB-C cable is not included in the kit.

ANAVI Knob 1 keyboard supports:

ANAVI Knob 1 keyboard comes pre-installed with CircuitPython and KMK.

What makes it special?

There are literally hundreds of mechanical keyboards on the market. Unlike the rest, ANAVI Knob 1 is entirely open source, affordable, compact, highly customizable and suitable for a wide range of applications. ANAVI Knob 1 comes as a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit and it is super easy to be assembled.

ANAVI Knob 1 combines open hardware with free and open source software. It has been designed with free and open source software. The printed circuit board was made with KiCad.


ANAVI Knob 1 was brought to life in 2022 thanks to a crowdfunding campaign at Crowd Supply. Now thanks to Lectronz we can reduce the carbon footprint from transportation and offer ANAVI Knob 1 to individuals within the European Union (EU) with direct shipping from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Prices include VAT. Shipping with a tracking number is available through the services of DPD Economy or Bulgarian posts.

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (github.com)

Code (github.com)

Design Files (github.com)

Certified Open Source Hardware - OSHW BG000089

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