4.0" touch screen - Universal  GRBL  CNC pendant to control DIY GRBL  CNC machines.  up to 4 axes

4.0" touch screen Universal GRBL CNC Pendant

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This Universal  GRBL  CNC pendant is designed to control DIY GRBL  CNC machines.  up to 4 axes


  • Colour 4.0" touch screen ( http://www.lcdwiki.com/4.0inch_SPI_Module_ILI9486)
  • embedded ESP32E 4 M=32mbit
  • TTL serial port  (on USB A slot) to connect on  your CNC serial port (if supported by your CNC controller)
  • WiFi for TELNET connection to your remote CNC board (if supported by your CNC controller)
  • Bluetooth for connection to your remote CNC board (if supported by your CNC controller)
  • WII NUNCHUCK port to use as joystick  for moving XYZ axis or use touch button on screen
  • USB serial port (micro USB) to connect on PC computer
  • embedded lithium battery 2.000 mA that will give you hours of Autonomie
  • embedded charger..just charge with your standard USB charger
  • Open source firmware (using ARDUINO IDE)
  • OTA function  for easy upgrading firmware
  • You Can change language (English, german, french ready made but easy to setup with external txt file
  • You can change color for text, icon and so on...
  • You can change ICON and even create you owns


GRBL has been adopted by the majority of hobbyist CNC, many software can design and deliver Gcode files.

You can use our latest 6 PACK COMPACT GRBL32 CNC controller (version >D without adapter or version C with some few wiring) or any GRBL CNC controller with TTL serial or Bluetooth or WiFi (TELNET) connection.

This controller uses the latest ESP32-32E 32 bits fast MCU 240MHz with 4MByte memory. Embedded web server and web application give easy control of your pendant using any browser on a computer, a smartphone or a tablet, while a USB serial keeps available for wired connection.


This is a powerful CNC pendant for any CNC based on GRBL. It has moved far beyond Grbl though taking full advantage of the dual-core, 32-bit, 240Mhz processor. It also has built-in Bluetooth and WiFi, with a web server and web application.

Firmware is open source and will be on GitHub soon

We also offer Open source 3D print (stl) enclosure ON THINGIVERSE here


  • This main controller board equipped with ESP32UE 4MByte programmed with the latest firmware (you can easily use OTA to upload your own configuration)
  • 1 lithium battery 3.V 2.000 mA (OPTIONAL)
  • 1 TFT 4.0" touch screen

ORDERING Please note that this item is provided WITHOUT CNC controller, those are available in our Shop

You may have a look at ou kit here and save some cost

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