MODULAR 3 CHANNEL PWM POWER CONTROLED LED plant hydroponic agriculture

3 channel PWM LED plant hydroponic agriculture

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This is a modular 3 channel PWM controlled LED PANEL with a WS2811 controller.

Using this panel you can make your own DIY hydroponic systems.

This panel has been designed for Hydroponic illumination with especially selected Wavelength

The purpose is to control the intensity of light for each colour (Red, Green, Blue), so you can vary intensity and duration to simulate the different phase of daylight but also the season to stimulate and increase your production quality and throughput.

The panel embed totally 84 x 0.2 WATT LED

  • 21 are green @520nm(channel 1)
  • 21 are blue @465nm (channel 2)
  • WHILE channel 3 drive simultaneously
    • 33 RED @660nm
    • 4 UV @380nm
    • 5 near IR @780nm

The Best Full Spectrum Blue: help plants grow Red: help plants grow and bloom, red LED is the key to flowering plants Infrared-2 LED: Infrared can help plants grow UV: UV can help plants grow and kill insects. We have made a special design and added UV and IR LEDs according to the plants needs. More similar to sunlight and more suitable for plant growth. We add the green LED so you can see in "natural light colour" for display or any care

using the control for each channel, you can create The most appropriate light ratio to increase the yield of commercial cultivation, which can be used in all stages of plant growth and flowering.

What makes it special?

  • The 1.6 mm panel is made of a special PCB made with aluminium that gives passive cooling to preserve LED life duration.
  • Based on the WS2811 controller this can be easily drive by any MCU with only 1 pin ( many libraries available for WS2811/WS2812)
  • Please note that WS281x is 5 volts signal input, so you can use any 5 volts MCU other will need a small level adapter.
  • You can build a larger panel just by assembling those in a daisy chain up to a Hundred of those.


  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Power: 18.8 Watt LED
  • Color temperature: 380-780nm

Use for:

Energy Electricity Saving with Higher-level Efficiency. Full spectrum that is necessary & critical for plants growing & flowering (from seeding to harvest´╝ë Perfect for small Grow Box, Grow Tent, DIY Hydroponics, Bonsai, Garden... etc High-performing, long-life lightning


  • ONE modular panel 150x400 mm x 2 mm
  • 1x SM3 3pins 10 cm wire male (to be soldered)
  • 1x SM3 3pins 10 cm wire female (to be soldered)


Please note that this item needs a 24V controller and 24-volt DC power supply to run, some are available in our shop or you can build your's own with ARDUINO board for example


This panel has been also used for some light therapy

Upon request, we can also make special arrangement depending on your need (wave length, other combination and more power

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