Selling on Lectronz is easy.

Set up a store, list your products, we take care of the rest.

Start selling a product

  • Create an account on Lectronz.
  • Create a store on our platform with a few clicks and register with our payment provider.
  • Create a page for your product(s).
  • We review each product to make sure it is appropriate for our marketplace.
  • Once your product is approved, you can start selling immediately.
  • As a seller, you are responsible for stocking and shipping the products you list on our marketplace to customers.
  • You can define taxes, weight-based shipping rates for all countries.
  • No monthly payout. Money goes directly to your bank account for each sale.

What else?

  • We offer tools to help deal with taxes.
  • We offer sellers an API to list and fulfill orders.
  • We take privacy seriously. We don't share personal data with third parties for marketing and analytics.
  • We are here to listen to the community. Tell us your thoughts! Help us improve this platform!